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What To Do When You Stumble Upon A Plothole

What is a Plothole, you ask? I am going to give credit to my BFF Sara for coining the phrase she will have to correct me if she got it from someone else. Anyway, a plothole is exactly what it … Continue reading

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I just got an email for a possible position in an agency! It’s a reader position but anything to get my foot in the door! I don’t know exactly what this entails but I can assume I will be reading … Continue reading

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Motivation: How Do You Stay Motivated?

When you are trying to complete a project motivation is key. I want to complete this manuscript in 90 days, so I just went to Peter’s Honda of Nashua’s web site and looked a nice sage green CR-V. When my … Continue reading

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To All The Nay Sayers

I am so sick of all the bloggers and people who supposedly know everything about everything saying, “Don’t get excited….” How can you get started in anything in life if you aren’t excited? How can you be successful? You need … Continue reading

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