I thought did this already but I guess I did not haha.

I am a twenty three year old wife and mother of two beautiful boys. I have been writing since I was ten. Like most of my story ideas I had a funky dream and a whole new world was born.

I grew up in a small town in New Hampshire. I almost made it through high school without a sweet heart but the first semester of Senior year that changed. Mike and I started Dating in November of 2007 and we were engaged the following September when he returned from the Marine Corps boot camp. We were Married on January 2nd, 2009.

I moved to Jacksonville, North Carolina in March and we lived in the ghetto. Literally. There were prostitutes on either end of out little group of apartments and between us and the rite aid was a drug dealer who liked to sit on his front lawn counting his money.

Needless to say I stayed in a lot. I wrote a considerable amount while hiding away in my first apartment but it was all lost when my husbands computer died. I did not get serious about writing until early 2011 when my dear friend, Sara, told me she was getting ready to get an agent to represent her book. I am so grateful to her for talking to me about it. It seems a little silly but if she had not told me what was going on in her life at that moment I would never have thought I could publish a novel. I had just been dubbing around having fun creating creatures and characters. I love my parents but I was never really encouraged to follow my dreams. Don’t get me wrong my mom pushed hard for me to go to college and she wanted and wants the best for me. My brother in law did always tell me I could make it and had a good eye for photography and movies. I love to learn. If I could I would go to school for the rest of my life. Photography classes then writing then math and science, I may even try history over since I couldn’t seem to sit through it in high school.

Anyway I started really writing. I made an outline, a really bad one as it turned out, and got started. I had just had my first child so I was able to write for two hours every day while he napped between 6am and 8-9am. I considered myself lucky when he slept till 9am. (We had moved out of the ghetto and into a nice apartment right near the Mall, just incase you were worried)

Fast forward two years and I am pregnant again, living in New Hampshire, and feeling frustrated with my writing. I struggled through and then after my second son was born I started over from scratch. This new draft is considerably better then the last but I was still struggling. As a result I started blogging so I could share the lessons I was learning with other budding authors and also to help keep me trying. I do not want to give up on this. Sara, in the mean time, has revised her first book with my help and as I started looking for agents for her to query I finally realized what I want to do with my life. I want to not only be a published author but be an agent as well. I want to do what I have been doing with Sara over the past few years. I want to discover an amazing story and help bring it to print.

I really hope that in the next few years I am able to get an internship and complete a novel. I am not too worried about the novel part since I started the 90 day challenge I am well on my way to completing a rough draft. The internship has proven itself to be a bit more difficult to obtain.


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