3 Reasons Indie Authors Should Continue Following Literary Agents

After looking over my options and deciding to move forward as an Indie Author, I stopped following agents on twitter and stopped paying attention to anything to do with query letters. This was a mistake. Here are three major reasons why Self-publishers and Indie Authors should still pay attention to agents and query how to’s.

1. Skill

Have you ever read the description of your favorite movie on Netflix? Chances are good it sounds terrible even though you know it’s the best movie ever. It takes tremendous skill to describe a good story in a few words is difficult. Incredibly difficult and guess what? If you can write a good query letter you stand a much better chance at writing a good book blurb for your back cover or description online. It’s all about practice.

2 Agent’s know what they are talking about

I know a lot of really famous books and authors were self published and I am not saying that if you don’t fit into an agents tidy little box of wonders you should give up. Far from it. That being said, if you are writing a Paranormal Romance and you see that agents don’t want that you can learn from it.

I write an urban fantasy series that is very paranormal and definitely has some romance but I am doing things to try to make my books stand out in the crowd. If I didn’t know the market was flooded prior to writing I might not have thought about this and ended up with a lot of hard work that wouldn’t pay much in the end. I am by no means saying only write what in hot right now. If you tried you would never publish a book because what’s hot is constantly changing so unless you can write, edit, and rewrite a book in a week don’t try that. Write the book you want to write, but if the genre is over flowing give it a new twist. Something to help it stand out. Agents can help in this. Ever read their wish-lists?

This can also help you if you do want to work with an agent in the future. I am definitely open to working with an agent in the future and part of me still wants to be one. I just have a love on my plate with writing at the moment.

3. Marketing

Agents are all about a sellable book. Their livelihood and yours, if you choose to self-publish, is about the market and people are looking for. By watching Agents and studying queries you can learn how your book fits in and get a leg up on the competition.

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About MCFrosch

I am a wife and mother of two boys. My children are almost exactly two years apart in age and the oldest is four. I am a full-time student earning my Bachelors Degree in Marketing. I am working towards becoming a literary agent and have recently decided to help a friend as she endeavors to found a small indie publishing house. I also have two dogs and four cats. My husband and I also brew our own beer and hope to give wine and mead a try.
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