The Mermaid Thing

Ok so that tape was quite obviously a fake. So what? How much of the ocean has yet to be explored? Oh, right, MOST OF IT! I have an issue with people saying things do not exist when they do not know that for sure. Did you know that when the first platypus was discovered scientists in England thought it was hoax? Even when a dead one was brought to them, they still did not believe it. They thought someone had taken pieces of a beaver and duck and sewn it together.

I have done a fair amount of research on cryptids just out of curiosity and for fun. I stumbled upon this site and I think anyone who has an opinion one way or the other should check it out. Its pretty cool and just reminds us that until its proven that it cannot be there you cannot say for sure that it isn’t. That is also why I like that monster quest show on  the History Channel. If you have seen it you know that they look for more than just the critter. They look for evidence that the creature could live there. For instance, is there enough food to sustain the creature. Are there places that it could live in. Sometimes they find that there is not enough food or whatever. It’s actually a scientific approach to the question. That’s all I ask.

If the link doesn’t work just google top ten cryptids that turned out to be real.


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I am a wife and mother of two boys. My children are almost exactly two years apart in age and the oldest is four. I am a full-time student earning my Bachelors Degree in Marketing. I am working towards becoming a literary agent and have recently decided to help a friend as she endeavors to found a small indie publishing house. I also have two dogs and four cats. My husband and I also brew our own beer and hope to give wine and mead a try.
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