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In my blog I do not use LOL. I will admit I do use it in txts, fb, and twitter. But I wish I didn’t. The first issue I have with lol is that when I use it I am … Continue reading

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Working on Chapter Three and I am so thankful for Sara and Tara without them I would not have seen the gaping holes in the first draft Haha!

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Letting People Read What You Have Written

Every writer faces the moment when they must allow others to read their work. This has never really been difficult for me. In school we shared our work and took critiques from our peers to better our work. The other … Continue reading

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The Importance of Reading

When I was in high school right up until I gave birth to my oldest son in 2010, I read all the time. I loved it! I spent more time and money at Barns&Noble than anywhere else. I read articles … Continue reading

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Writers Block :/

Writers block is the worst thing that can happen to a writer. Especially one who has given herself due dates to help keep things moving. My original plan was to write one chapter a month. That’s one rough draft of … Continue reading

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